Tourism Exhibition

The Tourism Exhibition will provide a platform for various stakeholders in the tourism sector, such as tour operators, travel agencies, hoteliers, artisans, and local communities, to showcase their products and services related to Oromia’s tourism.

The exhibition aims to create an environment for important business connections between buyers and sellers by bringing companies together that want to grow from many countries. The exhibition allows exhibitors to display the latest trends in tourism and various digital innovations will be exhibited. While the exhibition offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with potential buyers and sellers, it will also bring stakeholders together to collaborate on future projects.

The organizers have set exhibition booth at the coziest and full-fledged ballroom of the Ethiopian Skylight hotel with various space sizes.

This exhibition invites you to meet with qualified buyers for new business opportunities.

We look forward to welcoming over one hundred exhibitors from within Ethiopia, Africa and beyond. Most importantly, we believe in the personal encounters. As the fastest tourism exhibition of the regional travel industry, we will make sure every condition is met for you as an exhibitor. Our team is diligently working on new, innovative solutions and offers, catered to your needs. We look forward to seeing you at this historic event.


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Event Details