Panel Discussions

The OTW will feature important topics which will be staged on panel tables inviting experts of different sectors.

Panel discussions will be held on topics like conservation, job creation, and promotion in tourism are important forums for bringing together experts, stakeholders, and interested parties to exchange ideas and insights.

The panel discussions offer a platform for exchanging best practices, addressing challenges, and brainstorming solutions. The sessions lead to a better understanding of the intricate relationships between tourism, conservation, job creation, and destination promotion. These discussions often play a role in shaping policies, fostering collaboration, and driving positive change within the tourism industry and related sectors

  • 1. Conservation: Panel discussions on conservation in tourism aims to explore sustainable practices that help protect natural and cultural resources in travel destinations. Experts can share strategies for minimizing the environmental impact of tourism, promoting responsible tourism, and preserving ecosystems for future generations.
  • 2. Job Creation: These discussions can delve into the ways tourism contributes to job creation and economic growth in local communities. Panelists might will discuss how tourism-related industries such as hospitality, transportation, and guided tours generate employment opportunities and support livelihoods.
  • 3. Promotion in Tourism: Panels focused on promotion can address marketing strategies and initiatives to attract tourists. Experts might share insights into successful destination branding, digital marketing, and innovative promotional campaigns that highlight a location’s unique attractions.

Panelist are experts with proven experience in the respective topics and with high contribution to the sector. Furthermore, policy makers and sectoral leaders will be involved. Meanwhile, industrial stakeholders will be in the audience and will be engaged through questions and answers and side talks through informal networking sessions.

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