Miss Tourism Oromia 2023/2024

The Miss Tourism Oromia is a prestigious event aimed at promoting the unique cultural heritage, tourism potential, and socio-economic development of the region. This concept note outlines the importance of organizing the Miss Tourism Oromia in our area and highlights how it can contribute to the growth and promotion of the Region.

One of the most effective ways to promote the culture and attractions of a country is through Miss Tourism which can also work as Ambassador. Over the past two years, the Oromia Tourism Commission has witnessed the positive impact this event has on showcasing the beauty and diversity of our region. Building on the success of our previous events, we are confident that the upcoming third Miss Tourism Oromia event will be even more remarkable. With each experience, we have learned valuable lessons and will be incorporating new elements to enhance the event further this time around.

The objective of the Miss Tourism Oromia

  1. Cultural Promotion: The Miss Tourism Oromia pageant provides a platform to showcase the rich cultural diversity of Oromia to the world. Through various rounds and events, contestants can represent and promote their local traditions, attraction sites in the region and cuisine.
  2. Touristic Promotion: The Miss Tourism pageant serves as a powerful marketing tool to promote the tourism potential of Oromia. The Contestants can also act as ambassadors, showcasing the region’s natural wonders, historical landmarks, ecotourism destinations, and unique experiences. In this Round, miss tourism has to generate international media coverage and will attract international tourists.
  3.  Community Engagement: The Miss Tourism Oromia pageant provides an opportunity for the community to actively participate and engage in the event.
  4. Empowering Women: The pageant is a platform for empowering young women, promoting their self-confidence, and developing leadership skills. This will be the third miss tourism Oromia Beauty Pageant and this time Contestants receive extensive training in public speaking, personal development, and advocacy.

How the Miss Tourism Oromia Pageant Can Help

1. Increasing Domestic and International Visibility
2. Create a Positive Image
3. Strengthening Cultural Identity and Unity
4. Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Event Details
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Event Details