Irreechaa Walk

The Irreechaa Walk is a ceremonial procession or march that is often part of the Irreecha festival, celebrated by the Oromo youth. During this walk, participants, often dressed in traditional attires, gather to symbolically give thanks for the harvest season and offer prayers of gratitude to Waaqa (the creator deity in Oromo religion) for blessings and abundance.

The walk is a way for the Oromo youth to come together, connect with their cultural heritage, and express their unity and solidarity. It’s a peaceful and meaningful event that typically involves singing, dancing, and passing season’s best wishes to seniors.

The Irreechaa Walk holds cultural, spiritual, and social significance, emphasizing the Oromo people’s values and beliefs while fostering a sense of community and shared identity. It’s a beautiful manifestation of culture and tradition that is cherished by both within the Oromo community and beyond.

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Event Details