Irreecha hora Harsadee

Irreecha in Bishoftu (also known as Hora Harsadii) is one of the most prominent and largest celebrations of the Irreecha festival. Bishoftu is a town located in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. The Irreecha event held in Bishoftu gathers a massive number of people, often reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

During this celebration, participants from various Oromo communities come together at the shores of Lake Harsadi to offer prayers of gratitude to Waaqa and connect with their cultural heritage. Traditional rituals, blessings, music, dance, and the act of placing green grass and flowers in the water are key components of the event.

The Bishoftu Irreecha festival is not only a time of spiritual significance but also a display of Oromo unity and resilience, serving as a platform for cultural expression and social cohesion within the community.

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