Grand Irreechaa

Irreechaa is the annual Thanksgiving Day that celebrated every year Spring near a river bank or water and tree. Irreechaa is celebrated every year at the end of September and beginning of October at Hora Finfinnee in Addis Ababa and Hora Harsadii, Bishoftu and across Oromia.

Irreechaa” or “Irreessaa,” symbolizes fertility and flourishing life due to the bless and guidance of the Creator, Waaqaa. On this day, many Oromos come to the river with an outlet that has since long been chosen to be the place for such thanksgiving celebration.

In the traditional religion of the Oromos, the spirit is the power through which Waaqaa (The Almighty God) governs all over the world. Thus, Oromos believe that every creation of Waaqaa has its own spirit.

Irreechaa is the emblem of cultural identity and a manifestation of Oromo national unity, as it draws together Oromo people from all walks of life regardless of religious any backgrounds. Irreecha festival is believed to play a role in consolidating unity and fraternity among the nations.

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